build your belonging

TRUE COMPANIONS illustrates how the three ordinary human experiences which plague most relationships can be transformed into the fertile ground for enduring, lifelong companionship.

In the pages of this book, you will learn:

The one experience that causes the most conflict in relationships but could become the source of the best connection

The one goal that must be mutually agreed upon in relationships, if you hope to trade in your protection for connection

The one perspective that will allow you to keep your priorities straight, your relationships first, and your companionship thriving

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About The Book

Learn to prioritize your companions now the way you will one day wish you had.

In these pages, psychologist Kelly Flanagan shows that we each have within ourselves, exactly the way we are, what we need to cultivate the life-long relationships we are longing for. Whether you are focused on your marriage, your parenting, your friendships, or another important relationship, here you will learn how growing in self-knowledge leads the way to growing in your love for God and others. Discover how you can put your loneliness to work for you in your relationships, rather than against you. Learn how your psychological and emotional defenses can help you to connect more vulnerably rather than protect so defensively. Immerse yourself in the one perspective that assures you will prioritize your companions now the way you will one day wish you had.

Study Guide

Groups, couples, and individuals can use the companion study guide to gather for five sessions about how to show up in your most important relationships.