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Master your most important moment

Life is complicated but transformation is simple. Not easy, but simple. There is one moment that repeats itself over and over again in our lives. When we identify, understand, and master that moment, transformation happens.


Identify your moment

Your moment may happen every once in a while, or a hundred times a day. You might be alone, in a crucial conversation with a loved one, or facing a critical moment in your business ventures. It’s the moment you tighten up. You can remain unaware of that moment, or you can let the tightening be your teacher.

And finally...

Master your moment

Mastery of the moment is not about stopping it, overcoming it, or eliminating it. It’s about welcoming it into awareness, because if you can’t welcome something, you can’t work with it. As you develop the wisdom to work with it, the moment will require less and less energy, and you can reinvest that energy into your own growth, and the health of your relationships and your enterprises.

Got Questions?

We’ve got answers.

Q: Can a spouse or partner join me in coaching and, if so, is it more expensive? 
A: This transformation can happen in the context of couples work. In fact, it is often accelerated by working with a loved one. And no, the cost does not change, regardless of whether you coach individually or with a loved one.

Q: How frequently do we meet and for how long? 
A: Coaching appointments last 60 minutes and are scheduled on the hour. Dr. Kelly is available on Monday afternoons, Tuesday mornings, Tuesday afternoons, Wednesday midday, and Thursday midday. You’ll be encouraged to begin with weekly meetings and to reduce the frequency of appointments as you make progress. However, your contract will stipulate that you can use your appointments as frequently as once per week and as infrequently as desired. 

Q: How many appointments do I start with? 
A: You will have the option of starting with 6, 12, 24, or 48 appointments, with discounts for purchasing more appointments up front. Most of Dr. Kelly’s coaching clients begin with either 12 or 24 appointments, but he will work with you to tailor a plan that works for you. 

Q: How do I get started? 
A: If you are ready to explore goodness-of-fit with Kelly, you can complete the application below, and he will reach out to you soon. If he has availability, he will offer you a free 30-minute discovery call, in which you will get to know each other, develop an initial vision for coaching, and discuss costs and other practical matters.

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