Podcast FAQ

What is The Loveable Podcast?

After I wrote Loveable, I wrote a companion book entitled, The Year of Listening, Loving, and Living: Becoming Your Truest You, One Week at a Time. A gave away a digital copy of the companion book to anyone who pre-ordered Loveable. Now, I will be walking through the companion book with you in this podcast. Each episode will correspond to one chapter of the book, including the weekly reading and the weekly practice. The weekly practice is designed to help you cultivate some of the growth and transformation described in Loveable. And each episode will include a discussion between you and me!

How do I participate in the discussion? 

Most Wednesdays, I will be on Facebook Live at 9amCT, reading a chapter from Loveable’s companion book and discussing it with you. You can join the discussion, or simply listen in. Either way, we’d love for you to tune in! Click here at that time to join us on Facebook. And make sure you sign up in the right sidebar for my mailing list, for updates about the recording sessions.

In case I miss the discussion, will you post the Facebook Live video to your Facebook page?

No. But the audio from the discussion will be available in the following week’s podcast episode, so be sure you’re subscribed to my weekly emails, or click here to subscribe to the podcast in iTunes!

How else can I get the companion book? 

I hope one day I’ll be able to bring the book to you in paperback and eBook, but for now, this audio format is the only way to receive it. But, hey, it’s free! And I think keeping a pace of weekly episodes will help you move through the companion book with the thoughtfulness it requires.

But what if I pre-ordered Loveable and never received the companion book?

In that case, please email me a copy of your invoice dated prior to the release of the book, and I will work with you to get you a PDF of the manuscript.

Can I listen to the podcast if I’m not on iTunes?

Yes, there are two ways to listen to the podcast.

First, you can listen to it on my website. If you are an email subscriber, each week, I will send you a link to the podcast post on my site. Just scroll down to the media player in the post and you can listen anywhere you are. You can also use the media player to download the episode to your device and to share it in social media. For instance, click here to listen to the first episode at drkellyflanagan.com.

Second, you can listen to the podcast in iTunes by clicking here.

Will you continue to blog while producing the podcast?

Yes, but I will be reducing the frequency of my blog posts to every other week. In other words, every week, I will send my email subscribers an email on Wednesday. Every week, that email will contain a link to that week’s podcast episode, and every other week it will also contain a link to a new blog post.

How long will the podcast last?

The podcast will ultimately consist of 54 weekly episodes and the last episode will likely be recorded around the end of 2018

Is this podcast like therapy?

No. In therapy, a therapist takes a great deal of time to get to know you and your specific story and struggles. This knowledge lays the foundation for the therapist challenging you and guiding you to grow. Thus, I cannot provide individualized advice or counsel through this podcast, because there will not be time gather all the necessary information, and because we are not in a formal therapeutic relationship. If you are interested in seeing a therapist, the Therapist Finder on the Psychology Today website is an excellent resource.

Will this be fun?

Yes! Though we’ll be talking about some deep stuff, like shame and pain, we are ultimately going to be talking about beautiful, redemptive, joyful stuff as well—stuff like worthiness, belonging, purpose, and you becoming your truest you. I hope you’ll join us!

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