Holiday Cheer and Holiday Tears

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The holidays are a time in which we celebrate light coming into the world and the light that is already in the world. It is a joyful time. A merry time. A time of wonder and magic and awe. However, like all light, it casts shadows. Joy always stands in contrast to sorrow. Merriment in contrast to bereavement. Wonder and magic and awe in contrast to drudgery and disappointment and darkness. I’ve tried to write about the holidays in a way that honors both, that holds both in balance, that makes space for the whole human experience. Here is a sampling. I hope these writings bring a sense of balance to your humanity this holiday season…

2012 – We Wish You a Messy Christmas!

2013 – What “Joy to the World” Really Means

2014 – Why the Stillest Silence Always Comes Before the Greatest Gifts

2015 – Why Christmas Eve Is More Magical Than Christmas Day

2016 – What Is Christmas? (It’s When We Defiantly Choose the Light)

2017 – This Is What Happens When Grace Wins

2018 – The Most Wonderfully Painful Time of the Year