Week 14: The Life-Changing Difference Between Shame and Guilt [Loveable 015]

“Guilt is shame redeemed by grace. Shame tells us we are lousy; guilt tells us we did something lousy. Shame whispers, “Your mistakes define you,” but guilt proclaims, “We are defined by redemption, not by transgression.”

In Episode 15 of The Loveable Podcast, we are focusing on clarifying the difference between shame and guilt, because it is the difference between a redemptive life and a hidden life…  

This week’s episode addresses the following topics:

  • Why maintaining a false self requires so much energy.
  • How life experiences such as aging, suffering, and loving all pave the way for letting go of the false self.
  • Why parents “worry from their wounds” and how our own pain can be redeemed in the way we parent our kids.
  • A discussion about how to balance your true and false self in the workplace.
  • Several practical examples of the difference between shame and guilt.
  • Why embracing our mistakes from a place of worthiness helps us move on, leave regret behind, heal relationships, act with dignity, and live redemptively.
  • A challenging practice to help you begin leaving your mistakes behind.
  • A teaser about the next episode entitled, “The Mess Will Set You Free!”

You can listen below or on iTunes!

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