Week 12: The Voice of Grace [Loveable 013]

“Grace isn’t just acceptance of the status quo. Grace contains the status quo—all of our struggle and pain and mess—and embraces us and values us anyway. Grace demands that nothing be changed for love and connection to happen, and that kind of love has power.” 

In Episode 13 of The Loveable Podcast, we talk about how to listen for the voice of grace within us and, perhaps even more importantly, how to recognize it once we’ve heard it…

loveable podcast episode 13

This week’s episode addresses the following topics:

  • Why trying to be happier doesn’t work, but trying to be human-er ultimately makes us enduringly happy.
  • One key difference between the concepts of sin and shame.
  • Why you might need a media detox and what media is doing to deprive you of one.
  • The value of identifying a handful of practices from the podcast and practicing them regularly.
  • Why discovering our worthiness isn’t about trying harder but, rather, about listening more closely.
  • How grace can transform us without trying to change anything about us and, indeed, because it doesn’t try to change anything about us.
  • What it looks like to listen for the voice of grace inside of us and why hearing it there is essential for the health of our relationships.
  • How to avoid turning the concept of grace into an excuse for abusive behavior.
  • Six hallmarks of the grace of voice, so you can recognize it when you have heard it.
  • A teaser about the next episode entitled, “Embracing Your Valuable Flaws.”

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Kelly is a licensed clinical psychologist and co-founder of Artisan Clinical Associates in Naperville, IL. He is also a writer and blogs regularly about the redemption of our personal, relational, and communal lives. Kelly is married, has three children, and enjoys learning from them how to be a kid again. You can find him on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.