The Top 10 UnTangled Posts of 2013

So, here we are. Another trip around the sun is complete. Another year gone by. We hurdle through space, spinning thousands of miles per hour. But most of the time, this world doesn’t feel like a cosmic joyride. It feels more like a soap opera—lots of commotion and chaos but you always end up back in the same place—it doesn’t feel like much changes from year to year.

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I think that’s one of the reasons we love year-end top ten lists. They remind us we’ve been somewhere. It’s a chance to reflect back upon the journey, to remember where we’ve been and where we want to go.

I’m grateful for this opportunity to reflect back with you. This trip around the sun with you was a wonderful one. Full of heartbreak and sorrow and joy and peace. Full of quiet shame and loud, glorious grace. In a word, full of life. Thanks for reading through this year, and this life, with me.

According to the blog numbers, these were the top ten most popular posts of 2013:

  1. A Daddy’s Letter to His Little Girl (About Her Future Husband)
  2. The Reason Every Kid Should Talk Back to Their Parents
  3. How to Defeat the Most Insidious Epidemic of Our Time
  4. The Most Important Thing to Look for in a Life Partner
  5. Marriage is a Joke
  6. How Our Friends Bring Us to Life
  7. A Father’s Letter of Apology to His Boys (For Father’s Day)
  8. Why Good Enough Love is Better Than Amazing Love
  9. Why Would Anyone Get Married and Have Poopy Kids?
  10. The Key to Great Communication and a Loving Marriage: Less is More

And according to me, this is the best of the rest!

  1. A Manifesto for Grace: How a Radical Embrace Changes Everything
  2. Breaking News: Celebrity Divorce Causes Global Uprising
  3. Does Unconditional Love Create Entitled Princesses?
  4. What to Do When Our Feelings Are Lying to Us
  5. The Only Two Things You’ll Ever Need to Know About People
  6. Do You Matter?
  7. What Dressing Up as a Rock Star Taught Me About Shame and Grace
  8. Why Kids Act Out at Bedtime (And What They Really Want From You)
  9. The Safety and Danger of Certainty
  10. On Being Human at the Table for Everyone

Question: Did you have a favorite post that didn’t make the lists? Which one was it? You can leave a comment by clicking here.


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  1. I will be memorizing chunk of your words and I will refer back to them, when I need to figure out something! WOW! A reflection from: The Most Important Thing to Look for in a Life Time Partner.

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