Who’s Got YOUR Back, Dad?


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The late summer sun slants through the canopy of trees, but only a few rays make it to the ground. The winding path lay ahead in dancing shadows, as my family and I embark upon our hike. The trail is narrow, so we fall into single file. My wife leads, then the kids, and I bring up the rear.

We barely leave the main road before the mosquitos descend. Though we’re slathered in bug spray and think we’re prepared for the onslaught, the bugs are hungry and relentless and they begin to find chinks in our armor, especially on our backs.

My nine-year-old son, walking behind his mom, says, “Momma, I’ll watch your back,” as he smacks her between the shoulder blades.

My three-year-old daughter walks behind him, and she says, “Aidan, I’ll watch your back.” And then she looks at the trees. I’m thinking Aidan’s destined for a back full of mosquito bites.

My five-year-old son walks behind her, and he says, “Caitlin, I’ll watch your back.” He never does anything part way, and he begins swatting away at the aggressors like it’s his job. But then he stops and his head turns and he looks at me with concern and he says, “Daddy, who’s going to watch your back?”


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